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New and Noteworthy

At BES, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy broadcasting our latest news and information here on our News page, where we will chronicle school activities and student achievements and publish announcements. We’ll also offer helpful resources and information. So check back often, as we update it regularly.

An Event for 4th Grade Students & Parents

Vernal Pools: The Jewels of Ridgefield’s Forests

All fourth graders and their parents are invited to a special event at Veterans Park Elementary School auditorium on June 5 to learn about vernal pools, a unique habitat that can be found throughout Ridgefield. Come learn alongside your child as they conclude their nature study with our district-wide partners, the Woodcock Nature Center and the Ridgefield Conservation Commission. View our flyer for full details.

School Start Times Project Update

At the May 22 Board of Education Meeting, Superintendent Baldwin and the Strategic Planning Committee presented their plan for reviewing school start times across the district and the opportunity to change them to align with current research on adolescent sleep and be responsive to elementary level feedback.

We invite you to visit our new webpage dedicated to the School Start Times project.

Parking Information

Parking at BES is always difficult during special events because of the limitations of our parking lot. We ask that parents park in designated spots in the lot. Please do not park on the perimeter of the lot or next to the woods during school hours. This prevents our buses from coming and going. As well, please be aware that the property around the stop sign at the exit to the lot is private property. Do not park on the grassy area next to the stop sign and up Florida Road. This is private property; cars can receive a parking ticket. Please respect our neighbors! We now have placed orange cones at the entrance that extends to near the first crosswalk. It is not safe to have cars parked where these cones are located. Please pull into a parking spot. Remember, unless you have a legitimate handicap-parking permit, parking in a handicap spot is not an option.

At dismissal times, we do use the back lot for parking and student pick up. Please park carefully and always escort or supervise your children in the parking lot. If the rear lot is full at dismissal time parents may park in the front lot and walk to the gym to pick up "walkers." Please note that students use the lot for recesses at all times during the day, so we do not allow parking there during the school day or prior to 3:25 p.m. This is for your safety and the safety of your child. When you pick up or drop off a child, please park and walk! Please drive slowly at all times and stop for anyone using the crosswalks. Always watch for students or parents walking between cars or near blind spots. We appreciate your help to keep all of our students safe!