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Branchville Attendance Procedure

Since regular school attendance increases students’ academic and social achievement, we ask that all parents and guardians join with us to ensure that all students are in attendance and ready to perform to the best of their ability every school day. To help monitor your child’s achievement and success, please visit our PowerSchool Parent Portal.

To Excuse Your Child

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure compliance with the state of Connecticut’s compulsory school attendance requirements (Connecticut General Statute 10-184). Students must attend school on time with regularity. In order to excuse an absence, please contact our nurse, Andree Fitzgerald, at (203) 894-5853 or via email within 48 hours of the absence. We require notes (and possibly other documentation) for students with total absences (unexcused and excused) in excess of nine for the school year. Periodically, we will send letters home once students have exceeded nine total absences. 

Please note that we consider an arrival after 11:25 a.m. or leaving prior to 12:35 p.m. an absence for that day.

Two Levels of Absences

The state Board of Education has defined two levels of criteria to consider an absence as an excused absence. Level one includes the first nine absences and excuses them for any reason that the student’s parent or guardian approves, provided that the parent/guardian follows the notification timeline noted above. Level two absences are those absences beginning at number ten and include student illness, observance of a religious holiday, death of a family member or family emergency, mandated court appearances, and/or extraordinary educational opportunities approved by the building principal. All level two absences require proper documentation from the parent/guardian. For more information, please see the CT Guidelines for Excused and Unexcused Absences found on the CT DoE website.

Medical Absences

Parents/guardians must provide a medical professional’s note for every excused absence after meeting the threshold of nine days. Please submit documentation to the nurse’s office upon the student’s return to school.

Thank You for Your Cooperation

We urge parents to schedule family vacations during the regular school year vacation time. If your family decides to take a vacation during the school year, you will need to communicate it to the school principal. It is difficult to replicate the instruction elementary students miss. If necessary for elected extended absences, we encourage students to complete independent reading, work on their math facts, and/or keep a writing travel journal.